Next Gen Femmes

OUR MISSION is to foster a community of young female professionals to build successful leaders in the entertainment industry.

OUR PURPOSE is to recognize that success in the entertainment industry comes not only from practical experience, but also from substantial relationship building. Therefore, one of the main purposes of the organization is to provide a platform for networking and a foundation for building these crucial relationships.

Femmes are provided a list of all the members’ contact and company information, and are encouraged to plan and attend networking events such as cocktails, lunches, film festival meet-ups, writers groups and more in Los Angeles and New York.

History of Next Gen Femmes: Rachel Abarbanell and Elise Freimuth launched NEXT GEN FEMMES in January 2006 when they recognized there was a lack of networking organizations that catered to the younger, less-established female professionals in the entertainment industry. Their initial efforts included organizing dinners, lunches and cocktails with some of their peers. Through these gatherings, they started to build a network of female professionals who met regularly and shared the same goal of building lasting business and personal relationships, as well as combining resources to further their advancements within the industry.

Since its inception, NEXT GEN FEMMES’ membership has grown to nearly 2,200 members based in Los Angeles and New York, and continues to rapidly expand through word-of-mouth in the industry.

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For membership questions, please contact and for any other questions, you can contact Elise at and Rachel and